The Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign, or IWAC, was created in 2001 by the efforts of the Idaho Weed Coordinating Committee.  Its mission is to create public awareness and education to help the people of Idaho understand the economic and environmental impacts of invasive weeds and support the implementation of all aspects of integrated weed management.  Our main goal is to encourage Idahoans to help develop and participate in invasive weed eradication and management programs, and to assist in preventing the spread of invasive weeds.

By focusing on a central theme of Idaho’s Most Wanted Noxious Weeds,  IWAC has created an ongoing Community Outreach Program, utilizing Television, Radio and Newspaper ads.  IWAC has also developed an Invasive Weeds Toolkit  educational program which is being distributed to Elementary and Middle Schools in Idaho.

IWAC also created this web site to distribute information to the public. It is now being updated regularly to provide attractive and educational interactive multimedia content as well as networking and discussion opportunities.  A highlight of this website is our Virtual Field Guide where you can view images and videos providing information about each of Idaho’s Noxious Weeds, including tips for identifying and eradication.

Organization: A 17-member Committee representing state and federal agencies, universities and scientists of the region, industry and conservation groups, and private landowners oversees the Idaho Weed Awareness Campaign (IWAC).  IWAC is based at The Association Management Group Office in Meridian, Idaho.  It is funded through partnerships, cooperative agreements, and grants.

Mission: For the people of Idaho to understand the economic and environmental impacts of invasive weeds, and support the implementation of all aspects of integrated weed management.


  • To establish education programs on invasive weeds in Idaho schools.
  • To establish a knowledge threshold for media, government, and private entities related to weed control education in Idaho.
  • To develop a distribution network of information using and coordinating what is in place and by creating new educational items for use.
  • To create a strong public awareness foundation with the citizens of Idaho about the overall problem of invasive weeds and their direct effect on Idaho.
  • To enlist the support of Idahoans by providing a visual frame of reference so they can better identify particularly critical noxious weeds; know what actions they should take when they locate weed infestations; and how they can personally help in the prevention of further infestations of noxious weeds.
  • To form cooperative partnerships with public and private groups on weed control issues.