Idaho’s approach to reducing the impact of invasive weeds is in using all the tools in your IPM toolbox. Noxious weeds can been controlled and eradicated by several methods including Chemical (the proper use and application of herbicides – always follow the federal label and safety instructions), Biological (utilizing USDA/APHIS approved insects or grazing animals), Mechanical (pulling, shoveling, mowing or disking) and Re-vegetation (using desirable plants to out-compete undesirable plants).

Idaho’s Weed Superintendents use “all the tools in the toolbox” for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the fight against noxious weeds in Idaho.

To keep weeds off your land – keep your lands healthy. Maintaining a healthy ecosystem should be the primary objective to keep invaders out. Mechanical methods, such as pulling, should be your first approach. While herbicides work in most circumstances, biological methods should be considered. So how do you know what control method is better to manage the weeds on your lands?

Just click on the name of a weed you want more information on. You will then be given the best control methods available to manage that weed and links to other sources for more education and information.

“When dealing with newly invasive species, our failures are obvious, and our successes are invisible.”

Dr. Rich Old